2016 Aglianico, Luna Matta Vineyard
The darkest, thickest-skinned fruit we see in the winery each year, Aglianico from Luna Matta can be a tannic, unyielding beast. We temper the extraction of its coarse nature with a slow, cool native fermentation followed by weeks of post-fermentation maceration on skins encouraging tannin maturity and elegance. 


Tasting Notes
A study in extremes, this year’s Luna Matta Aglianico is another blockbuster-styled westside Paso red. We’ve slightly shifted our winemaking technique (very delicate extraction, extended maceration, etc.) over the years to tame the beast inside this wine, yet it remains every bit the highlight of intensity in our lineup. The 2016 version follows in the exotic and intense steps of its predecessors. It starts with nose of iron, roses, peppercorn, and sandalwood. The palate is dense with dark fruit - blackberry, cinnamon, oregano and leather. Rich, chewy, and stacked on the palate with loads of tannin and acidity.

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