Appellation Saint Estèphe
Cepage/Uvaggio 50% merlot et 50% cabernet sauvignon
%ABV Alc 13% by vol
# of bottles produced 40000
Grams of Residual Sugar 0
Vineyard/lieu dit name(s) and locations Marbuzet-Coutelin-Leyssac
Exposures and slope of vineyards Table-land
Soil Types(s) Gravel 45%, clay-limestone 50%
Average vine age (per vineyard) 35-40 years
Approximate harvest date(s) September 25-28
PLEASE SHARE ANY NOTES ABOUT HARVEST/GROWING SEASON FOR THIS WINE IN THIS VINTAGE 2016 : very humid spring, very dry summer (heatwave in August). Beneficial thunderstorms at the beginning of September
HOW DOES IT COMPARE TO PREVIOUS VINTAGES? 2015 : dry and cool summer, very beautiful September. 2014 : dry and cool summer. 2013 : the flowering was not really homogeneous with humid summer especially in September
% whole cluster, % destemmed Destemmed
Fermentation: vessel type and size Stainless steel tank with temperature control
Duration of cuvaison 25-30 days
Duration of contact with lees 90 days
Select or indigenous yeast? Sometimes, when needed, select yeasts
Please share notes about winemaking process for this wine. PLEASE ADDRESS THE FOLLOWING, IF APPLICABLE: pump-overs, punch-downs, racking, movement/transfer of wine done by gravity or pumping?), battonnage, malolactic fermentation allowed, chaptalization Cold maceration for 5-7 days. 28 °C during the fermentation. Pumping-over with aerations twice a day.Hot maceration (25-28°C) in tank with batonnage. 2 punching-down. Malolactic in tank.
Elevage: vessel type(s) and size(s) Ageing in barrels including 40% new barrels
Duration of elevage 12 to 15 months according to vintage
Duration of bottle ageing before release to US market From 6 months to 2 years
Do you practice fining and filtration? If yes, please describe Fining if necessary with egg white. Filtration if necessary
Do you add sulfur? If so when and how much? How much sulfur remains in the wine at release? Yes, SO2 between 80 and 100 mg/l – monthly monitoring
PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS FINISHED WINE FROM THIS VINTAGE. HOW DOES IT COMPARE TO PREVIOUS VINTAGES? 2015 : elegant wine, lots of fruits. On the palate it is soft. Wine with a potential of ageing but can be drunk in 4-5 years too
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