Wine Splurge started with a passion for wine, and the desire to share that passion with friends and family.  Mike started hosting wine tasting events at work, beginning with TOMS Shoes, then continuing at EnCore Interiors, the aerospace company, where he works now.  These were team building events, which everyone enjoyed; Mike would prepare food, paired with six wine bottles, for each theme.  

In 2018, Wine Splurge received their license to sell wine. Since then, they have added over 100 different wines, with a few verticals.  Mike likes to offer unique wine, that is either true to the Terroir, or something truly unique from a producer, in a particular wine region.

Mike’s family is involved with Wine Splurge, too. Pam, Mike's wife, along with their children, Andrew and Rachel, sample wine and take photos, used for the website and social media.

OUR MISSION is to help the small producer.  As much as possible, we will offer wines from low production wineries, and help to give them a voice, in the wine world.

Wine Splurge is committed to offering you great wine and great service, at a great price!